Photography Presentation

6:49 PM

Sorry for the late update again because I was sick in these few days. I can’t even get up from the bed and sit well. Damn serious.

Thank you for the person always by my side that takes care of me. Although he is damn stupid, but thank you. Really appreciate it. = = Trip to Malacca failed because of the stupid fever! Never mind! I will plan again in the coming semester!

I got a lot of thing to blog here. Where should I start first? Hmm… Back to last Saturday. Last Saturday was the best day ever in this semester. It was final presentation of photography subject. I had a lot of fun with my classmate during the presentation.

We displayed the whole class look like a photography exhibition. Look professional. ^^

He is my photography lecturer. He is handsome right? Haha!

This is all my artwork taken by Me! The theme is hugging. Quite satisfy with the result of the photos. For more photos, please visit to


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