IKEA Meatball

7:50 AM


Spaghetti with Chicken Breast

Kid's Meal Spaghetti

Chicken Wings


This post is about foods again. Yeah, I love to eat. I am forever fat. :P

Do you guys know where this place after you saw the pictures? It is easy to guess right? Yeah, it is IKEA! Yes, the place which is full of furniture.

The meatball is the famous dishes in IKEA. The price is fair. The perfect mix of the sauce on the meatball is really delicious. Beside meatball, there are chicken wings, spaghetti, salmon, cupcake, and cheese cake too.

But, it is always a BUT. But if you go on weekend, you have to queue up in the crowd. There is a lot of people and it is difficult to find a nice seat to have your meal. But I can tell you that it is worth for it. :)

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