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Chicken Rice Ball

Nyonya Laksa

Nyonya Cendol

Crepe Cake Tiramisu Flavor

Crepe Cake Original Flavor


I am still busying in my blog shop business although Chinese New Year is around the corner and I was bad in mood recently. :(

Today, I am here to post about food again. This post will bring you to the food heaven. Sound mysterious right? LOL! Know where the place?

The place is Malacca. :)

A chicken rice ball is the famous food in Malacca as long as the Nyonya dishes. This time, I didn’t miss out any of the foods there. And you know what, I ate Malacca crepe cake. Yeah, finally!!! I can tell you that it was super duper delicious. You must try when you go to Malacca.

Malacca weather is always hot. No idea. I was dying when walking on the street that full of crowd.

As usually, I ate Nyonya laksa and Nyonya cendol. Bought a lot of things in the night market at Jonker Street. You know what, I am broke. :(

Final conclusion for this trip, Malacca’s foods are delicious, prices are fair, Malacca weather is hot, full of history and culture, and a lot of foreigners. I met 2 pairs of foreigners at Malacca. They are so friendly. :)


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