Fat Boy's Burger @ Publika

4:35 AM

Weekend is going to end soon. I have to back to my busy life very soon. But I had a really happy weekend. I had been to Publika on yesterday to have a look. This was my first time been to Publika. This place is really nice. I had my lunch there with my baby boy. 

We went to Fat Boy’s Burger to have a try. No doubt, their burgers are awesome! The best burger I have ever tried. Love it so much! The sizes of their burgers are huge. We can’t even finish it. The patties of the burgers are juicy and taste good especially the lamb patty that I ordered. 

You may order from their recommended or design your own burgers. The first step is choosing your own bun, then chooses the patty and follow by the add-on and sauces. The prices are fair and just. You should have a try if you never try it before. It’s really worth for it. 

My choice of burger, Wimpy.

Baby boy choose the Bushtucker.


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