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I am so busy recently. Luckily I could take time to blog about how wonderful my life is. Recently I am running a project on publication design. We have to create a biography of a chef and we have to find a chef by ourselves. We have to be the publisher, designer to design the book, copywriter, the interviewer and so on. The problem is, it is not easy to find a chef that willing to help you to complete this project. It’s not easy man!

But luckily I found the chef of Storyteller bookstore café that willing to be my project client. He is a great guy who dreams big and he is friendly. His friendliness makes the whole project goes well and smooth. Appreciate for his help.  

Storyteller café actually is a café with the concept of bookstore. It is located at busy block between Clothestory and IDP, opposite of Taylor’s College University, SS15. They sell books and magazines in the cafe. Some of them are imported from Taiwan. Bookstore plus café, sounds cool right? What a great concept! 

Their dishes basically focus on healthy type of food for example breakfast and vegetarian foods. I tried almost all their foods and they are not bad. I like their ham and cheese the most because its taste special and their bread is completely crispy. If you try before then you will know what I mean. Their ingredients are fresh and this makes their dishes perfect

Coffee is the main character in their shop. Coffee always is the best choice when you holding a book in the café. They have mocha, cappuccino, espresso and so on in their menu. They also served juices and flower teas. It’s really a nice place to spend your lazy afternoon in the café.

You can call for reservation, pre-order, takeaway, enquirery for books and you also can have your birthday celebration at Storyteller Café. Feel free to visit them maybe? Here is some of the information.

No: 12, First Floor, SS15/8, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
03-56113404   0162206327
Click here for more information. :)

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