Iron Man Theme Birthday Party

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Oh well, this post not going to talk about foods again. We talk about party!!! On last month, I planned a pre-birthday party celebration for my boyfie. We had a theme for this party. The theme was……… Iron Man! Because he told me he likes Iron Man, so Iron Man. Lol!

So I decided to change the name to Ryan Man and created posters for him in this party. You can see red, gold and black color balloon in this party and the dress code was Red and Black. Well, this is because to match the theme. 

At first, I was planning to have a BBQ pool side party. Mana tau that stupid management of my place didn't let us have a BBQ just because they scared us burns their building. =.= At last we changed it to buffet style. As usual, we got fried Mihun and curry chicken as our main dishes. And we also got huge Domino pizza, fruits, wine and a lottttttt of sushi too.

Climax of the party was the birthday wishes video for him. This was one of his best friends' idea. So I decided to collect all his friends and relatives wishes and make into a short video. And this video made him cried. I guess this was the most successful party that I planned. I am so proud of myself. Lol! *Slap me*

The party was surprisingly successful. From the design to the foods, it took me only 2 weeks to finish preparing. I was rushing all the time to make the plan go on smoothly. I am glad that all his friends promised to keep this secret and lend me a hand. Once again, thank you very much for those who attended and those who took part in the video. Thank you very much! :)

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