Eyem . CoolFrames . Rhonna [Photo Editing Apps Review]

12:29 AM

Sharing is caring. Today I am going to share something new to you guys, guess what is it? It’s my favorite photo editing apps!!! First time ever sharing apps in my blog. I am so excited for this post! LOL!


EyeEm camera is a free photo sharing & discovery app. It is something like Instagram for me. There are 17 unique filters that let you enhance your photos. Most of them are quite nice. That’s why I love it. 



With this photo editing app, I can choose whatever unique frames I like to enhance my photos. There are lots of different color options to choose too. It’s cool huh!



Coming with 30 fonts and 300+ original overlays from Rhonna Designs let's you add shapes, quotes and sayings over your photos with ease. It’s an app from a well known blog, Rhonna Designs. How lovely isn’t it? And the most important thing is it is very user friendly. 

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