Theme's Dessert @ Malacca

6:40 PM

Hello again. For those Hello Kitty fans, you might like this post. Any Kitty fans here? Well, I am not a big fans of Hello Kitty, but I do collect all their plush toy. When we walked on the street on Malacca. We discover a shop of Hello Kitty named Theme’s Dessert— a shop which sell main dishes and desserts. So we decided to give it a try. We didn’t order their main dishes because we are too full. We just try their dessert.

The whole environment is so pink and lovely. Every corner in the shop is full of Kitty stuff. I bet Kitty fans walk in to this shop will never want to come out any more. LOL! I think that’s all for this post. *Photos taken by using Lumix GF6. (Will blog soon)

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