Hokkaido Ramen @ Tokyo Street Pavilion

6:21 PM

I am so in love with Ramen recently, especially the Chicken Katsu Ramen at Sushi Zanmai. Every time I went there I must order it.

But recently I paid my visit to Hokkaido Ramen at Tokyo Street Pavilion, I found out that their ramen are freaking nice. Lots of people love their ramen too. It looks special but somehow it looked like maggi mee. Ha! Look! What we order! It comes in set. I pretty loved what my boy order. It tasted really good. But the portion is a little too big for us. 

For the price it will be a little higher, but it is worth to spend on this fantastic meal if you love Ramen. If I not mistaken, it is the only shop at Malaysia which is located at Tokyo Street, Pavillion.  Well, if you never try before, you should try it, especially for those ramen lovers. ;)

Visit their page: http://www.santouka.co.jp/en/index.html

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