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Hi all! Today I am going to blog about my favorite outfit. This was my first time to buy a sweater. Because I always think that sweater is not suitable for me. But this time I give it a try to wear sweater. So I did online shopping at Cajoyness. Cajoyness always is my top online shop because they sell variety of fashion stuffs from toes to head. From my experience, their services were quite good. Look at my outfit; the skirt and sweater are from Cajoyness. I love this outfit so much because it suits me so much. It looks pretty good isn’t it? Okay, and the shoes is from local shop and the tote bag was sponsored by Tote 2. No you didn’t see it wrongly. The tote bag was sponsored by an online shop Tote 2. Hah! This was my first sponsor, thank you so much for giving me the chance. [Will blog about it soon] :)


Sweater & Skirt from Cajoyness | Shoes from Local | Tote Bag sponsored by Tote 2

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