Johnny Rockets @ The Curve

8:26 PM

Every gathering surely is my favorite moment. Firstly, is because I miss and love my friends and secondly our friend Kwan Yang will bring us go for good foods. This time, he brought us to Johnny Rockets.

Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant which sells burger. The concept for this restaurant is to create a classic American restaurant atmosphere. And their theme is the diner-style restaurant that had become a common sight by the 1950s. The whole environment is something similar to the game that I play in the computer named The Burger Shop. It is my favorite game. :)

We ordered Smoke House Single burger, Bacon Cheddar Single burger and Route 66 burger. They serve big portion of food. That is too much for us until we can’t even finish it. Their burger tasted good. I still can’t forget the taste of the burger. Beside the good food, the staffs also dance in the shop to entertain us.  What a nice restaurant isn’t it? You should try it. :)

Smoke House Single- Rm24.90

Route 66- Rm24.90

Bacon Cheddar Single- Rm24.90

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