Lumix GF6

10:16 PM

I know some of you are still waiting for my Lumix GF6 review post. I am so sorry that I almost forget about it. Apologize to all my friends who are still waiting for it. So today I am gonna blog about it. Everyone was asking me why I choose Lumix GF6 but not others brand. My reason is:

1.      Flexibly tiltable for a good angle. Even though it has easy self-shot operation.

2.      It can share photos via a smartphone.

3.      Taking night scene photos as beautiful as they appear in life.

4.      Gives you the desired results.

5.      It can change the lens and expand the world.

6.      Remote shooting of photos and video is possible by using smartphone screen.

These are just the few advantages and reason. By using Lumix GF6, my blogging life became more convenient and fun. There’s more function and advantages waiting for me to explore. I love this camera so much! If you are an outgoing person and love to travel around, I think Lumix GF6 is suitable for you. These are all the photos taken by Lumix GF6. Have a look! :)

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