Lavender Garden @ Cameron Highlands

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Hello! How are you? How was your Raya holiday? I had so much fun on my Raya holiday with my baby boy. Cause we went to Cameron Highlands to have our relaxing 1 day trip. So today I am going to blog about the Lavender Garden at Cameron Highlands. 

Cameron Lavender Garden is the new attraction in Cameron Highlands which is latest addition to Cameron Highlands in this few years. It is located Tringkap which I think it is quite far away from the cities, Tanah Rata and Brinchang.  Parking is provided in this attraction, but you have to park further down the road if you go on public holiday. Entrance fee is allowed. For adult is Rm5 and for child is Rm3. 

When we stepped into the garden, Ah~~~ You will get mesmerized by the sea of colorful ever blooming flower. Everything is so beautiful. You also can see a vintage car display in the garden. From the vintage car to the statues, everything is so European style. There is also a love lock section but I am so sorry because I didn’t manage to take a photo of it. I think it is very cool because you can leave a message as a memory or what in this beautiful place which you rarely see this in Malaysia. It is something like the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

Walk along the small pathway to the peak, you will see a café on your left hand side. Dine in the Lavender Café where you can enjoy their unique, lavender inspired cuisine. Before I went to Lavender Garden, I had do some research about this place. I saw some bloggers said that their cheese cake is very delicious. So we tried it. We also had their Strawberry Milkshake. So nice! You should try it if you plan to go there. 

Strawberry Cheese Cake- Rm7

Other than that, you can have some fun by self picking fresh flowers and strawberries. It is my favorite flower Daisy! OMG! So beautiful! It is on Rm2 for each and 6 for Rm10. You can pick any color any size you want. We also have some fun by picking strawberries. This was my first time picking strawberries and with your love one some more. Haha! Quite romantic and fun! 

Oh yeah! Many couples also came to this place to take their wedding photos. This is the photos that I steal from Google. Nice right? Besides that, there are also few shop lot selling souvenir and foods. Everything is in purple color, so cute huh! 

Lavender Garden is definitely a nice place to relax with your love one or family and friends. I love this place. :)

* Sorry that some photos I have to take from Google because I didn’t manage to take it at that time. It’s too crowded on that time.*

Lavender Garden

39100 Cameron Highlands, 
Pahang, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs (9am - 6pm), Fri - Sun (9am - 7pm)

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