Signs To Replace Your Make Up

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In order to look more dazzling every day, most women will have a stash of make up at home ranging from powders, lipsticks, blushers, bronzers and more. Women will wear make up in almost every occasions for example work, formal events and even on a casual day out with their girlfriends. Basically, it can be said that make up can give a woman a feeling of empowerment and confidence. However, the make up will expired someday or after a number of usages. 

There are a few signs which women could follow in determining when it is time for the make up items should be replaced.  The first sign is when the texture and colours of your make up item changes. For example, if your mascara suddenly starts to dry up and no longer smooth touch on the lashes, it means is time to toss them away. Besides that, you have to change a new lip gloss if it is lose its sparkle. Based on my research, experts say that a lip gloss could only last for a period of six months as past the period bacteria will start to form up. 

The next sign is if your make up product starts to produce a very bad smell for example this could normally be seen in powder and liquid based products. This will cause bacteria formation and the products will start to degrade. This is very dangerous and harmful to your skin especially for those who have skin sensitive problem. It is advisable to start shopping for new ones as soon as it produces an unpleasant smell. The best thing is you have the opportunity to get the latest make up products available in the market. 

Other than that, the third important sign for women to be aware of their makeups is when it has gone over limit from the expiration date. It is lucky for women to purchase make up products where the expiry date is printed on the bottom of side of the products. Always remember to start observing the changes in the product as soon as the date gets closer. In other case, the products will start to change its texture, colour and smell before the expiry date reaches. These are the important signs you have to be aware of in order to ensure a better looking makeup look as well as avoid skin problems. If you do not have the time to go shopping for your makeup due to a hectic and compact schedule, try checking out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of make up products from local and international brands. So what are you waiting for? Let’s shop! 

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  1. thank you for the tips! i am seriously not aware that lipgloss can lost only for about six months D:

    i better keep an eye on finding a new one i suppose :3



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