My Online Shopping Experience In Zalora

10:45 PM

So today I am going to blog about my online shopping experience in Zalora. I bet you all heard about Zalora before. Let me make a short introduce. Zalora is the largest online retailer in Malaysia. It provides a convenient platform for people to shop and it has increasing popular in the market.

When I was given the cash voucher to shop at Zalora, I was extremely happy! I had spotted 2 items that I wanted the most which is Soap and Glory Body Buff and Sephora Blush. I always wanted a body buff for so long already and finally I manage to get it from Zalora. So I place my order as soon as possible. Finally, I placed my order on Monday night after my work. It stated that the delivery time is around 1 to 3 working days. Probably it will be arrived on my doorstep on Thursday maybe. It was just my estimation. But surprisingly I received my parcel from GDEX on Wednesday morning! I don’t know the service can be that fast.

Everything is nicely packed in the parcel. Nothing is missing or damage. So here are the items that I purchased. Soap and Glory Scrub ‘Em And Leave ‘Em Body Buff (Rm39) and Sephora Blush Me Trio No12 Brown (Rm59). 

And inside the parcel there’s also an invoice to prove that I have purchased the items. 

After few days I received my parcel, Zalora send me an email about the feedback. Zalora really care about their customer. This might not happen to every online shopping website but Zalora, yes. 

Okay! Let’s talk about the pricing in Zalora. Some of the items prices are same with the actual shop but some of the items prices are slightly higher which I think that is a little bit unfair. But overall, the service is extremely good. And I am very happy that I can get what I love by using the cash voucher. It was my best online shopping ever. Thank you Zalora!

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