Photo Shooting @ PJ Trade Centre

10:06 PM

Did another photo shoot right after my couple photo shoot. If you haven’t read my post, click here Couple Photo Shooting @ Botanical Garden, Putrajaya. So photographer for this time shooting was my baby boy. Sometimes I feel that it is great that you have a boyfriend that knows how to capture photos. But he still needs to be improved. 


This time, we went to PJ Trade Centre to have our photo shoot. But too bad we can’t really go in to the building because that is not allowed. I wanted to go to this place to have photo shooting for a long time already. Now finally we are here, but too bad we didn’t took much photos. But anyway, enjoy the photos!

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  1. Love yourphotos in this shoot. The outfit and shoes are sooo cute!

  2. Hi do u need permission to go there and take a photo?

    1. Hi Yuni, if you enter the into the building then you have to get the permission in advance. However, we were taking photos outside the building so it do not require any permission. :)



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