Ogilvy Blogger Appreciation Day 2014

6:32 PM

It was so great that I had been invited to Ogilvy Blogger Appreciation Day 2014 on last Friday night. The event was held at Manara Milenium which is where Ogilvy located. Thank God the rain was stop when we started to depart. We only used 15 minutes to reach the destination from Up Town Damansara. Registration was started from 6.30pm and the event was started at 7.30pm sharp. I still remember 1 year ago I came to Ogilvy before as an advertising and graphic design student from The One Academy to do our project. Time flies. Can’t believe I am back to here again as a blogger.

Most of us were wearing red as the dress code was RED. The environment was decorated nicely with red, gold and white balloon. There was a photo booth in the event some more. You can take as many photos as you can. By posting the photos on social media and hash tag #123cheese, then you can redeem a mug with your photo on it.

Thanks #123Cheese

Besides that, you also can win yourself an OtterBox resurgence case by posting photos on your Instagram with hash tag. It is a very nice product to protect your phone and recharge your phone battery. The outlook of the OtterBox case is quite cool and simple. It is too bad that I can’t win any one of them. :(

The team was prepared lots of games for us. The funniest part was the team prepared lots of mission cards that are hanging on a well decorated white tree and we were required to complete any of the 3 mission. You can choose any 3 of the mission cards. For example, take a selfie with 5 different people born in July. Quite fun right? This allowed all of us to have more interaction with each other. Guess what. They have cool prizes. 1 of them was Mariah Carey concert tickets. The winner was so lucky!

The event was so fun because there are foods, games, prizes and meet lots of new blogger friends. Friends that I met in the event, Su Fen, Valerie, Janice and Elana. Glad to meet them. :D

Valerie, Me, Su Fen & Janice

Su Fen



The team

As thank you, they are giving away all bloggers a certificate of appreciation. Awww… They really made my day. In the end of the event, we have a group photos! The event was end happily. Thanks for having us again! 



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  1. Great pictures! Nice to meet you and thanks for coming up to me :)



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