BE Beautiful Be You Makeover Event

11:49 PM

I was so glad that able to attend BE Creative Makeover event @ Muse by Watsons Sunway Pyramid. Many thanks for The Butterfly Project for the invitation and for giving me the chance to glow. Before I start, here’s some information about BE Creative Make Up. (Information is pluck from

BE Creative Make Up is the first professional make up brand that offers advanced formulas and cutting-edge design at affordable prices. A line of 100% pure make up luxury, with professional formulas and intense colours, for multi-faceted beauty that is highly affordable.

Like a beautifully cut diamond, BE believes that every woman is unique, brilliant and multidimensional; she is daughter, mother, sister, earth mother, working girl, seductress, goddess, icon and so much more. BE empowers women to embrace, articulate and express each facet of their being in every moment; every sensation and every dimension of who they wish to be.

The BE team works exclusively with makeup professionals alongside makeup artists to design exceptional shades and superior textures. Produced with established European laboratories, BE ensures that all its products are produced using high grade ingredients, rich pigments, and that the products are paraben free. The ergonomic, ultra-chic pack design is inspired by how, when and where women use their makeup. 

BE is for all women who are passionate about make up. Women who are not afraid to define their own trends and express their individuality!

The four commandments of BE:
                 - Embrace the new
                 - You are wonderfully unique
                 - Make trends your own
                 - Express yourself with makeup. 

Products include foundation, primer, blushers, eye shadows, mascara, eye liners, lipsticks, brushes and so on. 

As I said, the event was held at Muse by Watsons Sunway Pyramid and it was a makeover event. So we are required to attend this event with bare face. Before the makeover session, there was a skin analysis session. The makeup artist was explaining clearly about my skin condition. Now, I finally know what is my skin type and how should I improve my skin condition. 

Before the makeover session start, we are required to choose which our makeup theme among 4 themes. There are BE Romantic, BE Glamorous, BE Natural and BE Funky. The makeup theme that I choose was BE Romantic. 

Here’s the before and after. How you think? Is it romantic enough? Love this makeup so much because it makes my features stand out especially my eyes. I had a pair of BIG eyes! My makeup artist does make this BE romantic makeup slightly different to match my feature. That’s why my double eye lids look more 3D on that day. 

My makeup artist, Ridz

After that, PR was briefing and had a sharing session for all the blogger. There was also a lucky draw. Too bad I am not lucky enough to win the prize. :(

The Lucky Winner

Refreshment are provided

Every blogger received a goodie bag from Muse by Watsons. Guess what inside? Foundation, eye shadow and a lipstick!!! To be honest, this is my first lipstick in life. Besides that, I love their matte foundation so much because it is very light. I will definitely write a review for the BE products that I received. Stay tuned ya.

Once again, thanks for having us. Thank you The Butterfly Project, BE Creative Make Up and Muse by Watsons. I really love my makeup on that day.



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  1. Its a fun event. All you ladies look so gorgeous... :D

  2. I was there too. Nice la the make up.

    1. Yeah Misz Ella, I love their makeup so much! :D




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