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In this new era, people are often going online to seek for their needs. They can easily purchase items they want, ranging from small item such as cosmetics until some large size items such as electronics.

As more and more people willing to shopping online, hence there is more and more online shops emergence. However, it is quite hard to seek for the products that a person wants. Besides that, there are too many online shops and brands, it is too much of choice and the prices may be a lot different.   

In order to provide a one stop online shopping destination for the people, iprice  is born! iprice is an one stop online shopping destination in South East Asia. They do this by assisting customers so that customers can shop with a peace of mind knowing that everything they need is under one site.  iprice is aim to provide the widest selection of products across all categories! 

No matter what categories of goods you are looking, you can find it on iprice!  iprice provide product information about different brands as well as offer coupon codes and discounts up to 70% that are collected from their affiliates such as Zalora, Lazada, Banana Republic. 

iprice is build up by a team of young individuals, with a special mix of tech geeks, fashionistas and entrepreneurs. They have a strong bias for action, they want to learn, grow and want to build a great company together.

iprice now are available in seven countries which is in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. You will never regret shopping in iprice. Let’s get their coupon codes now. I have to go and shop in iprice now! When will be your turn?

For more information:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ipriceMalaysia?fref=ts



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