Kainda Jasiri Sensuous Body Wash Review

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Have you heard about Kainda before? I never heard Kainda before until I was given a body wash to try out from Kainda. Continue read my blog to know more!

Who is Kainda?
Kainda (meaning “The Hunter’s Daughter”) is a fierce warrior and noble leader who lead’s others towards a better world. Her natural instinct is to defend the purity of the living and the land. She harnesses the power of the natural environment to maintain equilibrium in her home and her environment. Strong of mind and intuitive by nature, she inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

“The huntress” Kainda is the fantastical role model inspired by the modern day woman - a strong leader, vital contributor and gentle protector of both family and society at large. With a heightened awareness and a foresight in seeing the changes we will have upon our environment.

Kainda understands that your home is your castle, your temple and your sanctuary. She takes us all on a journey of discovery to uncover the essence of beautiful home care, to marry our spiritual values with our every-day needs. She believes in protecting not only the here and now, but also for our future and the legacy we will leave to our children and their children, she believes in strength through beauty without compromise.

Kainda’s passion and commitment to care for all, requires experience and a keen eye for synergy.

Kainda’s stance is to care about earth and humans. Kainda’s products is made of the ingredient, fragrance and material that are specifically for its sustainability, biodegradability and natural properties. Kainda has did what all they can do to select those natural organic ingredients that will not deplete or harm the earth’s natural resources in making of their products. By using sustainable alternatives and technologies allows Kainda to also choose ingredients that can be regenerated and produced safely without harming us humans or our eco-system, allowing them to produce products which will not harm us or our environment but indeed will sustain you and the world we live in.

After I know about the stance of Kainda, I am totally agreed and appreciate that Kainda has really contributed to our earth. And also, I have a confidence towards its products as the products are made of those natural organic ingredients. 

Now, let’s back to the topic, as I mentioned early before, I was given a Jasiri sensuous body wash to try out. Kainda Sensuous Body Wash is an easy-to-rinse bubbly solution that is formulated with Aloe Vera, Hemp Seed Oil and Chamomile to gentle cleanses, hydrate and protect our delicate skin. It is suitable for daily use to restore skin barriers and enhance skin cell, this naturally scented body wash not only soothe and soften our skin, but it will also calm our mind.

And you know what, Kainda has really putting a lot of effort in their products. All their scent’s name has their own personality and meaning. Jasiri means brave, is a fruity aroma that is derived from Apricot, Peach and Green Leaf, with a flora heart of Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley and musky base note of Cedarwood. This fragrance will invigorate and stimulate clarity of mind. 

I used the Kainda Jasiri Sensuous Body Wash for a week, and it really works well on me! It is quite obvious that my body and skin are softer now than before. And it really does hydrating my skin. I like the scent of Jasiri. It is light and refreshing. It makes me smell good all day long. It is really worth to try it out! Hope you like my review and stay tuned for the next beauty review. :)

Product: Kainda Sensuous Body Wash (300ml)
Scents: Jasiri
Made In: Malaysia



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