NEESYA Brightening Night Rejuvenator Review

1:50 AM

I had heard lot of good comments about NEESYA products. So I decided to give it a try. Today I am going to share with you NEESYA Brightening Night Rejuvenator.

The texture is smooth and light in a cream form with light scent. Squeeze the nozzle several times and apply it on the cleansed and toned skin. It is not sticky or oily at all when you apply it on your skin. 

I am applying NEESYA Brightening Night Rejuvenator every night before go to bed for weeks. It is deeply hydrates and illuminates skin through the night. The ingredients inside NEESYA Brightening Night Rejuvenator helps skin regain radiance and clarity. It is fortified with Silver Vine extract, Alpha-Melight and natural fruits complex. 

In result, my skin now is smoother and suppleness. I like the result so much. It successfully make my skin looks brighter now. It works so well on my skin. Why not you give it a try too? 

Product: NEESYA Brightening Night Rejuvenator (50ml)
Made in: Malaysia



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