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I was invited to the YEZI’s Charity Launching in Collaboration with Kiwanis last week. If you haven’t read my blog post yet, you can read it here [YEZI’s Charity Launching in Collaboration withKiwani]. As promised, here’s the food review post of YEZI located at First Avenue The Roof, Bandar Utama. 

YEZI is the first of its kind concept steamboat in the country that uses coconut-based broth. This concept was inspired from a famous Chinese restaurant in Shenzhen. 

YEZI is well located in Damansara area, it have a stunning view of Damansara from YEZI. Its interior design is quite classic and it offers a warm ambience. This place is well suitable for family or friend gathering. 

YEZI is paying its focus on eating clean and healthy. It great emphasis on the broths of coconut base is complimented by a wide repertoire of organic and semi organic dishes fresh from the farm to the table. Other than using coconut-based broth to cook the broth, another unique selling point is their broths are without MSG. 

There are total 5 types of broths you can choose from which are Organic YEZI Broth, Imperial Canton Broth, Atomatic Taiwanese Beef Spice Broth, Fragrant “Shao Xing” Wine Seafood Broth and Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth.

For your information, YEZI’s dishes are all freshly prepared daily from the kitchen which includes homemade balls, dumplings and pastes. Besides that, their vegetables are mostly organic or washed to be pesticide free. For the premium meat, they offer the world renowned Matsusaka beef. It is flown exclusively from Japan on weekly basis. Fresh seafood offerings include fishes, crustaceans and shell fishes. All of them are displayed through a gigantic aquarium for patrons to choose. 

The Original YEZI Broth- Rm38
The Original YEZI broth is cooked by using coconut water and with kampong chicken, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. It is filled with amazing health and beauty benefits. It offered a lot of proteins, essential vitamins and minerals. It can also help to relieve cough and phlegm. The broth is clear and do not contain any MSG, so you will not feel thirsty after drinking the broth. The natural sweetness of the ingredient inside the broth makes the soup has a sweet refreshing taste.

YEZI Dipping Sauce
YEZI makes the steamboat dining experience beome more interesting. You can mix your own dipping sauces with special soy sauce, “Sa Keong” (Ginger), Chili Padi and lime. YEZI do provide a guideline to mix the sauce but of course you can mix it with your own preference. I think the combination of soy sauce, Chili Padi and lime are totally the perfect match as a dipping sauce for steamboat. 

Fried Lobster Salad Balls- Rm13
I love this YEZI Fried Lobster Salad Ball the most. It tastes so original with fresh lobster paste in it. When you have a bite into it, the lobster pasties like melting in your mouth. It is juicy for their paste and chewy at the outside at the same time. Most importantly, this Fried Lobster Salad Ball is handmade by YEZI.

Chicken Balls with Mushroom- Rm12
There is another handmade ball available in YEZI. The texture of YEZI Homemade Chicken Balls with Mushroom is just nice. The chicken balls are chewy and bouncy. When it dip with the sauce, it makes me want more of it. 

Coconut Dumpling- Rm12
Coconut Dumpling is another famous handmade food in Yezi. It is really a must try as it is very unique and taste good! You know what? One of the ingredients in the dumpling is coconut meats. It taste good and you should try it. 

Fish Paste- Rm18
Yezi also serving some fresh and special seafoods. Fish Paste is another recommended dish. YEZI Fish Paste is quite special; it is with Tobiko Paste in it. You can feel the texture of the Tobiko after well cooked. Bite into it and it will burst in your mouth.

Scallop- Rm36
The scallop served in YEZI is good in quality. The size is quite big and it is absolutely fresh. You just have to put it in the steamboat for awhile and you can have yourself a delicious scallop. 

Australia Abalone (Can)- Rm138
Australia abalone is famous over the world. In YEZI, you can have the canned Australia abalone with your steamboat together. The Australia abalone is very fresh and chewy. It is so delicate and it is really rare to have this when having steamboat.  

Fresh Pork Slices- Rm13
The pork is fresh and in good quality. The pork is sliced into thin pieces so that it can be easily cooked. The pork slices are really tasty and it is like melting in the mouth. 

White Tofu- Rm6
Silky smooth White Tofu from YEZI is taste different from the other restaurant. It is smoother than the others restaurants can offer. 

Fu Chuk Skin- Rm8

White Pak Choy- Rm10
Balance your whole steamboat meal with some White Pak Choy. It is fresh from the farm and it is organic. 

White Mushroom- Rm10

Homemade Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream- Rm10
For the dessert part, YEZI offers YEZI Homemade Fragrant Coconut Ice-cream. It is served in coconut shell and it is rich with coconut taste.  It is refreshing and this is a perfect dessert to end your meal. For me, this is the best dessert I ever had when eating steamboat. 

By the way, YEZI is driving a charity now for roughly one month. There are 2 ways to join it. For your information, all the proceeding will go to The Kiwanis Club of Pantai KL.

1.    Purchase freshly handmade balls and dumpling and also some others specific ingredients at YEZI before 22nd of August 2015.

2.    Reserve a table at YEZI on 18 August 2015 for Rm105 per pax. Minimum 4 persons in one table. 


The Roof, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +6012 323 5841
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 6pm to 2am



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