CELLNIQUE Aqualance 24 Treatment Review

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I am having very dry and dehydrated skin. My skin looks very unhealthy and dull. I have been trying many skin care products but still can’t solve it at all. I pay a visit to Shin’s Beauty, Kuchai Lama on last 2 weeks to try out CELLNIQUE Aqualance 24 Treatment. Thanks God my skin problem has finally improved. All thanks to CELLNIQUE for letting me to review their Aqualance 24 Therapy.

Shin’s Beauty’s Therapist was actually very friendly and nice. They have explained to me regarding my skin problem, the causes of the problem and step by step explanation of the therapy.  Oh well, what caused my skin dry and dehydrated? Continue read it and I will explain to you. 

The reasons of skin dry & dehydrated are as below:
1.    Limited or lack of moisture in the intracellular system.
2.    The activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin tends to decrease with age.
3.    Excessive bathing or showering, scrubbing or usage of harsh soaps that dissolve the protection layer of sebum.
4.    Prolonged exposure to the sun causes water to evaporate from the skin.
5.    Not drinking enough water or consuming too much sugary or caffeinated products.
Aqualance 24 Therapy helps to Replenish, Rebalance and Retain. Incorporated in Aqualance 24 Theraphy is a 3 dimensional bio-intelligent hydration system that helps replenish moisture, reinforce skin moisture-retaining barrier and encourage hydrous flow balance for perfect hydration state. 

The unique ingredients in Aqualance 24 Theraphy consist of Resveratrol and Carnosine HCL which work to restore skin tone. There are total 4 steps for the Aqualance 24 Therapy after facial. 

1.    Aqualance 24 Masque with Resveratrol & Carnosine HCL
-       Provides superior efficacy in reviving skin glow and optimizing moisture balance.
-       Prevent glycation-induced skin damage while restoring skin with deep relaxation.
2.    Aqualance 24 Concentrate with Hyaluronic Acid & Kinetin
-       Introdces in-depth hydration while fortifying its natural regeneration mechanism.
3.    D’sensi Calming & Hydrating Complex with Ceramide Complex & Silanediol Salicylate
-       Help to restore skin protective barrier, providing deep nourishment ans insulating skin against moisture loss.
4.    Auqlance24 Essence Masque with Osmoprotectant & Caviar Extract
-       Boosts the dynamic of skin hydration by regulating osmotic pressure between the c­ells and their environment. 

Let’s see the “Before & After”. I feel like my skin is radiant and hydrated after the Aqualance 24 Therapy. My skin feels refreshed, soft and smoothest than before. Besides that, my skin tone now is more even. This is based on my honest review. So let’s see what are the benefits of CELLNIQUE Aqualance 24 Therapy.

The Benefits of Auqalance 24 Therapy
1.    Provide a complete and thorough solution for skin hydration which leaves both superficial and inner skin layers adequately hydrated. 
2.    Provide superior efficacy in energizing and reviving skin glow.
3.    Prevent glycation-induced skin damage while restoring skin with deep relaxing.
4.    Soothe and stabilizes the skin.
5.    Nourish and rejuvenates the skin, leaving the skin soft and radiantly alive.
6.    Refresh and regains skin a supple smoothness without uncomfortable tightness. 

Here’s the price of single treatment for Aqualance 24 Theraphy- Rm248
The price for the whole package will be Rm1240.

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For more information, please log on to CELLNIQUE Facebook www.facebook.com/cellnique/ or CELLNIQUE website www.cellnique.my/

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