D-Buri Buri @ Uptown Damansara

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D-Buri Buri is a newly open Japanese restaurant in Uptown Damansara. It is a cozy restaurant serving delicious Japanese dishes like Don, sushi and Japanese hot pot. D-Buri Buri decorated their restaurant with bamboo. It makes the whole restaurant looks harmony and comfortable. 

Hamburger Don (Beef)
One of my favorite in D-Buri Buri will be their Beef Hamburger Don. I bet beef lover will fall in love with this dish because the beef is well marinated and it is very juicy. Hamburger Don is served with some veggie like eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes. Stir the Don before you eat is the best way to eat this Don.

Salmon Kimuchi Nabe
Salmon Kimuchi Nabe is a kind of Japanese hot pot. Sliced salmons are being served with vegetables in a clay pot with spicy Kimuchi soup. It is very spicy and the soup will getting richer and richer as the time go by. If you like something hot and spicy, this would be your best choice. 

Spicy Spider Roll
If you would like to have some sushi at D-Buri Buri, I would like to recommend their Spicy Spider Roll to you. The soft shell crab is very crunchy but it is not oily at all and yet it is cheesy also because it is well rolled up with cheese. Eat it when it is hot will be the best. 

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
Japanese curry rice is always the popular dish in almost every Japanese restaurant. So do D-Buri Buri Chicken Katsu Curry Rice. The chicken katsu somehow tasted like pork but it is not. It is crispy outside but tender inside. The Japanese curry is not too spicy. It is just nice to eat with the rice.

Chicken Gyoza
Chicken Gyoza is a pan-fried chicken and vegetables dumpling. Because of it is being pan-fried, so the skin of the dumpling will taste a little bit crispy. Just quickly consume it before it getting cold.  

Doshi Maki Tamago
Any Tamago fans here? As for me, D-Buri Buri Doshi Maki Tamogo is a very special dish because I never eat Tamago in this way. Doshi Maki Tamago is chef homemade Japanese egg omelette and it tasted slightly different with Tamago sushi. You know why? Because Doshi Maki Tamago taste salty while Tamago sushi taste sweet. 

Overall, D-Buri Buri is a nice restaurant with good service, cozy ambient and most importantly the food is delicious. I would recommend the Hamburger Don to you all. With the opening of D- Buri Buri, I have a nice Japanese food spot to eat while in Uptown area.


Tel: 03- 7731 3150 / 014-369 4303



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