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Recently, I had been invited to a food review at Moku. Moku is a Japanese grill and BBQ fusion restaurant which is located at Oasis Square Ara Damansara. Moku is come from the “wood” in Japanese. I like how they decorated the restaurant in the theme of wooden furniture and brick walls. They take care of every details of the restaurant. The lighting of the restaurant is warm, and the ambience is really cozy and nice. Patrons can have their comfortable dining experience there. 

Moku served the best and affordable grill and BBQ food in town. Compared to those street foods like “Lok Lok”, Moku grill and BBQ food is much cheaper and good in quality. 

Wholesome Raw Juice- Rm13 | Super-C Infused Detox Water- Rm10 | Power of 3 Raw Juice- Rm13 | Super-C Infused Detox Water- Rm10
Firstly, there are some juices being served before the dishes come. There are raw juices and also infused detox water. I like the Power of 3 Raw Juice, it contained of 3 types of fruits inside which are dragon fruits, cucumber and watermelon. The taste is so refreshing and I can smell the aroma of the watermelon. 

Surime Ika- Rm20
After a short wait, the main dishes are being served. Surime Ika is one of the highlighted foods of the restaurant. The squid is grilled to perfection. The size of the squid is big and it is moderately chewy. I had squeezed some lemon juice on top of it, and the taste is very nice. It is successfully stimulating my appetite. 

Chicken Tight- Rm3.50 | Chicken Liver- Rm2.50 | Pork Belly Sliced With Enoki Mushroom- Rm4.50 | Pork Belly Sliced With Scallop- Rm4.50 

Pork Belly, Chicken Wing, Chicken Gizzard
The must have in Moku is those skewers. There are plenty of choices of these skewers. Moku offers chicken, vegetables, pork, lamb, beef and seafood. There are a lot of these skewers with different meats being served and all these are really delicious. All of them are barbeque to perfection and the teriyaki sauce is just too nice and it really enhances the skewers.  

Sliced Beef Sirloin- Rm10
Sliced Beef Sirloin is a first choice of the beef lovers. The beef is nicely sliced and easy to put into the mouth. The meat is so tender and juicy and it is with the special teriyaki sauce again. I really like it so much!

Yaki Tofu- Rm4 | Stuffed Portobella Mushroom- Rm10
Grilled and barbeque vegetables are also being served. Yaki Tofu is a quite special dish for me. It is crispy outside and soft on inside. For the Stuffed Portobella Mushroom is also tasted very well. Minced meat is stuffed in the big mushroom. The mushroom is fresh and really big. Both of the dishes also using teriyaki sauce, and I am really love their teriyaki sauce. 

Teriyaki Pork Burger- Rm14.50
After trying on those foods, the real big portion of the main dishes is arrived. It is the  Teriyaki Pork Burger which is really looking nice in the menu. The burger is served with fries and the burger is quite big in portion. The pork meat is so juicy and tender and the buns are soft. 

Grilled Saba Fish set- Rm 17.50
Not only burger, rice is also being served. This is the Grilled Saba Fish set, grilled saba fish is served with the steamed rice, miso soup and green tea. The fish is being well grilled and it originally tasted a bit salty. However, I squeezed some lemon juice on it and the sourness of the lemon had just balance the saltiness of the fish. 

Teriyaki Chicken Spaghetti- Rm15.50
Another main dish being served is the Teriyaki Chicken Spaghetti. It is the spaghetti served with the teriyaki chicken. The spaghetti is well cooked and the teriyaki sauce is sweet. The portion is quite big and the chicken is quite a lot. The mayonnaise sauce on top of the chicken had made the dish tasted more delicious.

HK Sayung (6pcs)- Rm12
This review ended with Moku’s famous dessert, HK Sayung. This is a dish that very popular in Hong Kong and it became the famous dessert of Moku just in a short while since it launched. It has a rich taste of egg and it is so soft inside. It is similar like donut but this is even softer and nicer. It is a bit of sweet because of the sugar surrounding, but it is hard to resist this dessert. 

Overall, the foods here are very nice. Their staffs are friendly and helpful too. It is also quite surprising that there is no smell and smokes of grill and BBQ. This is because the grilling and BBQ part is done in the kitchen.


A-G-08, Oasis Square, 2, Jalan 1A/7A, Ara Damansaara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7859 7657



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  1. Ika, Pork Belly, Yaki Tofu look like very nice ^^

    1. Yaya. They all are very nice. You should give them a try! :)



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