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Have you ever watched the series of ‘Sex & the City’ where high heels are the must-haves for every character? Aside from diamond, woman’s best friend is high heels. It cannot be denied that every woman loves to own a few pair or a few dozens of high heel pumps in their shoe closet at home. 

I have a few dozens of high heel pumps in my closet. However, it can be overwhelming to pick out the high heel pumps design which can work with majority of your outfits. For the ladies who have no clue on what works best can take a look at the three must-have pairs of high heel pumps that can still looking stylish even as years pass.

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Classic Black
Every woman should always own at least a pair of classic black pumps as it can be matched with any outfit you own. The black pumps always help give you that sophisticated appeal and never make you appear out of style. Mix match the black heel pumps with a nice pair of jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses and step out feeling confident as ever.

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Women can also tone down their look with pair of nude coloured pumps. The nude pumps absolutely shows off a sense of elegance out of you towards others. Wear the nude high heels and flaunt it off everywhere you go from the workplace, parties, formal events and even on a special occasion.

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The straps
For the ladies who want to show off a sexy flirty appeal, the strappy high heels will be the perfect choice. It exposes a lot of skin and still gives you that stylish appearance. Choose from the many strappy heel pump designs from various brands and match it with your clothes. The straps absolutely have that sexy touch which makes it a great footwear to boost your confidence on a day out.

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So what types of high heels and how many pairs of high heels do you have in your closet? I think is time for me to invest new heel pumps. :P


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