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Steamboat is always my favorite especially during cold or raining weather. There are a lot of steamboat restaurants in KL and PJ area and it is quite hard to decide which steamboat restaurant to go for. 

Recently I had paid a visit to a newly opened steamboat restaurant named Gourmet Definition Steamboat Restaurant which located at Sunway Giza. It is easily being seen as it has a very big signboard and attractive exterior.

The restaurant is well designed with combination of white and purple colour, which is simple but luxury. Instead of using normal wooden table, Gourmet Definition Steamboat Restaurant used marble table which is classier and also hygiene. 

The restaurant is having 2 floors, upper floor is normally being held by gathering or private event while lower floor is normally for walk in customers. In upper floor, there is a special room for the smokers. It is being nicely decorated into 2 themes which are Oriental and Western. 

Chilled Live Oyster- Rm12.60 per pcs
I have ordered Fresh Oyster to start this amazing steamboat experience. The Fresh Oyster in Gourmet Definition Steamboat Restaurant is in a huge size. It is even bigger than my hand! It is served with watercress, lemon and also Tobasco sauce. The oyster is really fresh, and it is best to eat with the watercress as recommended by the owner. The owner is very selective on the size and the freshness of the oysters. It is definitely worth ordering.

Signature Chicken Wings- Rm12.60 (3pcs)
Another popular appetizer in the restaurant will be their Signature Chicken Wings. The chicken wings being served in 6 pieces and all of them are deep fried till perfection. It is crispy and the taste is a little salty because of the prawn paste used. The chicken used are all fresh chicken instead of frozen chicken, therefore the patrons can taste the juiciness of the chicken wing. 

Fish Head Soup with Chinese Herbs- Rm59.60
Broth or soup is the most important factor of making a good steamboat. The signature Fish Head Soup with Chinese Herbs from Gourmet Definition Steamboat is definitely made up a good steamboat. The soup is using more than 15 types of Chinese herbs and it can bring a lot of health benefit to the patrons. The soup first tasted is quite light in taste. However, when you tasted it in few minutes more, it will become sweeter and sweeter. The soup is full of delighting fish taste.

Sliced Snow Beef- (S) Rm16.60 | (B) Rm31.60
To have a good steamboat, you can’t eat without any sliced meat. Gourmet Definition Steamboat Sliced Snow Beef is definitely awesome! Meat is fresh and juicy. Cooked it in few second will do. Beef lovers will love this! 

Spanish A- Grade Sliced Pork Belly- (S) Rm23.60 | (B) Rm39.60
Another must order while having a good steamboat which is their Spanish A-Grade Sliced Pork Belly. Sounds premium huh? Pork belly is well cut into slices. Unlike other normal pork, it taste really good as the meat is fresh and juicy. 

Handmade Tangerine Peel Beef- (S) Rm9.60 | (B) Rm19.60
Gourmet Definition Steamboat has their very own handmade meat balls which I love it so so much. This handmade Tangerine Peel Beef is my favorite so far. It is bouncy and yet juicy. But it taste a bit too salty for me. 

Not forgetting for their fresh seafood. Fresh seafood is served include tiger prawn, scallop, half- shell green muscle and sliced fish. 

Organic Green World Combo- (S) Rm16.60 | (B) Rm29.60
This Organic Green World Combo includes Yin Choy, Snow Mushroom, White Beancurd, Romaine Lettuce, Cameron Sweet Corn. 

Tangerine + Plum + Lemon- Rm8.60
Oh ya! Don’t forget to order their Tangerine + Plum + Lemon drinks as well. This drinks is help to detoxifying and improve our blood circulation. 

The foods served in Gourmet Definition Steamboat are high in quality. Food presentation is very nice and beautiful. And of course, the staffs are very friendly and attentive as well. Overall, it is quite a pleasant experience dining in Gourmet Definition Steamboat.


Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/13,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03- 6151 8638


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