ValerieYan Creation’s Dry Flower Bouquet

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Every girls enjoy receiving flowers. If you know me well, you will know that I love flowers. I am not only enjoy receiving flowers, I also love to take products photos with different kind of flowers. And recently, I received a beautiful and lovely flower bouquet from ValerieYan Creation’s. This dry flower bouquet is one of their new products.

Baby Breath been popping up everywhere and become the “trend” lately. Every girls want it for their wedding flower, birthday flower and even though as a prop for products photo shooting like what I did.

With the combination of Baby Breath and Forget Me Not, this lovely flower bouquet showing its beauty in simplicity way. These dry flower can last up to 2 years. With only Rm40, this flower bouquet come with a pretty brown paper box and including Pos Laju. There are 2 types of flower to choose from: Baby Breath bouquet, Forget Me Not bouquet or even though you can request to mix both of them together in one bunch. It is very suitable for birthday gift! Don’t you think so?

Valentine’s Day is coming, ValerieYan Creation’s just launch their 2016 Valentine’s Day Special Limited Edition LOVE preserved flowers package. Look at the beautiful flowers in love shape! It so lovely! For your information, the flowers are actually preserved flowers which imported from Japan. It can last up to 2 years. It is absolutely carefree and no water or sun needed. It is totally different from dry flowers and of course it is better than the normal real flowers.

The package include:
Imported Japan Preserved Flowers, wooden glass box (15cm x 15cm x 10cm), Grade A Pearls, gift card, free wrap up and free postage. There are various flower colors to choose from. You can always ask them.

Hurry Up! There are limited 10 boxes only. Boys, I think it is the best gift for your girlfriend. Surprise your girlfriend with this Valentine’s Day Special Limited Edition LOVE preserved flowers. Well, you can put a diamond ring in it and ahem… you know what I mean. :P

ValerieYan Creation’s
Phone: 012- 728 5766 (Whatsapp ONLY)


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  1. Next time we will buy more flowers on your birthday! XD



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