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Chinese New Year is coming real soon. You know girls, we have to buy this and that, do facial treatment, hair make over and so on. So do I. :P I had pay a visit to AIZU Malaysia to pamper my hair on last Monday. 

AIZU is from Japan and their very first overseas branch is finally in Malaysia. They have total 5 outlets in Japan. They are the one and only using AIZU’s products in Malaysia.

The saloon is cozy. It is nicely decorated in Japan Zen style. They even served green tea to you which are imported from Japan.  I felt very relaxing and comfortable during the pampering session. 

Imported Green Tea

It’s been a while I didn’t pamper my hair. Not even have some makeover on it. And now, I decided to restyle my hair at AIZU. I am not going to cut it short although I want to. Because I want to let my hair grow longer and donate it. I told my situation to my hair stylist, Sean and let him design for me.

Tadaa! Here’s the outcome! Ash brown as the main color with 3 tones highlight. First try on this color and I love it so much! It makes my skin looks fairer and makes me looks mature at the same time. I love this color so much! It looks abit like dark brown in the saloon lighting. 

I had tried their signature Sakura hair treatment as well.  AIZU Sakura hair treatment is formulated Sakura Treatment Cream which can repair, enhance, strengthen, nourish and protect your hair together with AIZU Kiseki Machine. This machine helps your hair absorb better and last longer after the treatment.

After the treatment, here comes to the final step. It is the final touch up with AIZU’s Signature Aroma Oil. This aroma oil is just like the normal aroma oil that we seen in the market. But the difference is this aroma oil is especially for hair. It is no harm on our hair. It gives you the relaxing feel in and out from the body. They have 6 aroma flavors can be choose from. I choose the Grapefruit Pink flavor which gives my hair a very sweet scent.

Grapefruit Pink Aroma Oil

AIZU's Kimono Robe

My hair is smooth and moisturize after the Sakura treatment. And it smells so good! Like it so much! What a wonderful experience in AIZU. More photos of the hair on different lighting. 

Well, Chinese New Year shopping checked, hair makeover checked. What next? Stay tuned on my blog. :)

Lot 123, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara.
(Opposite Haraju Cube)
Tel: +603 7733 7888


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  1. Love your new hair colour!
    So vibrant!

  2. 美美过新年!喜欢妳的新发色,朝气蓬勃!适合青春无敌的妳^_^

  3. woah! the new color looks great on you!

  4. nice hair! it suits you. and the aroma oil seems really nice too. would love to try at least once! :)

  5. nice hair color for CNY! and that place looks so posh

  6. the new color hair makes u look more gorgeous !!

  7. Love the blue highlights in your hair! Plus the salon looks so pretty

  8. such a pretty salon and I love your hair... looks lovely , now you are all ready for CNY!!! Yaaayyy

  9. I have friends here in Vietnam as well getting ready for Chinese New Year, everyone wants to look good and most have already cut and changed their hairstyles. I see you are on a roll, they done did a good job with your hair and those highlights work for you.

  10. I LOVE YOUR HAIR BABE! it suits you and i think they did a great job on your hair :)

  11. I love your hair colour~ 很适合你~ 我很喜欢那个highlight~

  12. Natural Lighting color really looks nice! Looks mature is a good thing, Let's prepare to be pretty for this CNY =D

  13. hey! nice one! I like the green hidden highlighting hair on you :) pretty!
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. Looking great! The hair salon looks so classy!

  15. ur hair looks very nice le!!! I love the your hair colour!!

  16. Love the result and the place is very sleek and modern! Much loves!

  17. looks really good there adeline! leng leng d!

  18. Nice color, this makes me want to color my hair also, should i?

  19. a new japanese salon in town! looks really nice the whole deco and of coz amazing hair for you after

  20. The hair salon really look nice and I love your hair colour. It suit you.

  21. nice hair color adeline! you look pretty!

  22. This is definitely something new you don't see everyday at any other salon. Love the new shade of colors! Suits ur skin tone.

  23. It looks nice on you. Please mention the price for coloring as well with the same length as u have


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