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Looking for mouth-watering ramen? You should pay a visit to Ramen Ten located at Jaya33. I bet you heard before right? Ramen Ten is own by a Singaporean and it is established in late 2002. Ramen Ten means “noodle shop” in Japanese. It is a halal Japanese restaurant which served affordable and variety of New Age Japanese Cuisine with a twist. Ramen Ten served more than 25 types of Ramen and the chef created “Dry Ramen”, first of its kind, in Singapore.

When you first step into Ramen Ten, you will notice that Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo Sushi both restaurant opened side-by-side. Well for your information, they are actually two sister restaurant. The have nice and cozy ambience.

Santen Sashimi Moriawase- Rm33.90
Sashimi are always my favorite! I had this Santen Sashimi Moriawase with 3 types of sashimi in it included raw salmon, raw tuna and salmon belly for only Rm33.90. Sashimi is fresh and most importantly the price is quite reasonable.

Soft Shell Crab & Salmon Skin Salad- Rm23.90 | Salmon Salad- Rm16.90
I like this Soft Shell Crab & Salmon Skin Salad. The soft shell crab and salmon skin are being fried to perfection. It is very crispy and it goes well with the greens and the sauce. If you like salmon like I do, you also can go for their salmon salad.

Soft Shell Crab & Salmon Skin Salad

Salmon Salad

Gyoza- Rm10.90

Asari Butter Soup
Asari Butter Soup is the best! Asari means clams in Japan. The broth is cooked with butter, clams and some secret ingredients. It is sweet and buttery in flavor and yet the clams are super fresh!

Chuka Santen Moriawase- Rm15.90
Chuka Santen Moriawase is the combination of Snail, Baby Octopus and Jellyfish as the appetizer. I like the jellyfish but I can’t really accept the taste of the snails.

Tuna Mayo Roll- Rm16.90 | Special Salmon Roll- Rm17.90 | Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi- RM12.90
Well, Ramen Ten not only serving ramen, they do served sushi as well. I would recommended their Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi, Tuna Mayo Roll and Special Salmon Roll to you all. Personally like their Aburi Salmon Mentai and Special Salmon Roll more than their Tuna Mayo Roll. Why? Because I love salmon. :P The sushi rice is firm and the ingredients are good in taste. Well, I think the combination of salmon and Mentai are always the best.

Tuna Mayo Roll

Special Salmon Roll

Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi

Super Spicy Ramen- RM16.75
Tadaa! Here’s come to the main dish, ramen! Super Spicy Ramen is one of their signature. It is not as spicy as you think. I think the spiciness is still acceptable for me. Their Ramen is crunchy and chewy.

Tom Yum Chicken Katsu Ramen- RM22.05
When Thai cuisine meets Japan cuisine it will become Tom Yum Chicken Katsu Ramen. It is a good combination. As for me, this Tom Yum Chicken Katsu Ramen is species than the Super Spicy Ramen. The broth is hot and sour which is their homemade secret recipe. Once you have your first taste, you will never want to stop it!

Black Pepper Beef Dry Ramen- Rm21.00
Ramen Ten Black Pepper Beef Dry Ramen is very good in taste! The beef is super juicy and it is well mix with the dry ramen. To be honest, this is my first time tried dry ramen. It is surprisingly taste good!

Chicken Teriyaki- Rm14.90
Chicken Teriyaki is their best seller. The chicken is tender and yet juicy. And of course the Teriyaki sauce is rich in flavor!

Teppan Beef- Rm20.90
If you are beef lover, you can go for their Teppan Beef. But as for me, the beef is a bit quite difficult to chew as it is fully cooked (well done). It would be perfect if it is medium raw. But overall, the taste is quite good.

Spicy Salmon- Rm16.90
Ramen Ten Spicy Salmon is really really spicy. I am not kidding. I really can’t handle this. It is too spicy for me as the spicy sauce is cooked with chili padi and ginger. Are you dare to accept the challenge?

Chicken Teriyaki Don Set- Rm17.90 | Salmon Teriyaki Don Set- Rm18.90
If you would like to have some rice in your meal, you can go for their Chicken Teriyaki & Salmon Teriyaki Don Set. All the value sets come with a soup, salad and side dishes. It is only available for lunch from 11.30am to 3.00pm and dinner from 6.oopm to 9.00pm.

Chicken Teriyaki Don

Salmon Teriyaki Don

Buffet lover check it out yo! Ramen Ten do served ala cart buffet as well for only Rm59.90 per pax on weekdays and Rm69.90 per pax for weekend. Isn’t the foods look tempting? Give it a try! :)


Jaya33, Lot PG-02B, Level Podium Ground Floor,
Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03- 79557558
Facebook: Ramen Ten
Website: www.ramenten.com/


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    Santen Sashimi Moriawase looks so tempting!

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