My Secret Beauty Facial Mask- The Beauty That Never Fade Away

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Hello! Happy Chinese New Year! How’s your Chinese New Year going on? Well, it is a bit bad for me because of sleepless night, my skin condition is getting worst. My skin become darker and dehydrated.

All thanks to MSB My Secret Beauty Facial Mask, it save me from the “disaster”. Today I am going to share with you about MSB My Secret Beauty Facial Mask. MSB is formulated in France and made in Hong Kong. And now you can get it in Malaysia.

This mask is suitable for all skin type. Each of the box contain 7 pieces of masks included Anti- Aging Mask, Hydrating Mask and Brightening Mask. I like the box packaging in sliding concept as well as the elegant design. When you open up the packaging, it really give a surprise. You know why? All the mask packaging are in very cute and girly color! I like the color combination so much! And of course, all the information are state behind the mask packaging.

Facial Firming And Anti-Aging Mask
-Replenishes collagen
-Smoothens and refines skin
-Whitens, cleanses and moisturizes skin

Hydrating Mask
-Repairs and cares for skin
-Improves skin’s moisture locking and retention ability
-Leaving skin soft and purified

Brightening Mask
-Minimising skin dullness, darkness and pigmentation
-Repairing damaged tissue
-Revives dark and tired skin

The mask is in soft silk form protected by a piece of shinny layer and a blue layer to prevent accidently spoilt the mask. The mask is super soft, thin and transparent as you can see in the photos. I like it so much because the mask is sticks extremely well to our skin so that enable our skin to absorb generously.

-Cleanse face and pat dry
-Peel off the blue layer
-Gently apply the mask directly around the eyes, nose and lips.
-Gently peel off the outer shiny layer
-Peel off the mask after 15-20 minutes
-Gently massage your skin for complete absorption of essence

My review:
Overall, the result is good after applying My Secret Beauty Facial Mask. My skin is very moisturizing now. I can see the immediate result after using it. What I don’t like about the mask is the shape of the mask. It seems like doesn’t fit on my face well. It takes time for me to adjust the mask. But still, I will recommend to my friends. :)

Note: Apply the mask continuously for 7 days for greater result. 

For more information, please log on to their website or their Facebook   


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  1. I love the package, very girly and cute! Maybe I should give it a try, too! :D

  2. Hehe. its very moisturising! You face glows for some reason after using it :D

  3. i can really see the immediate result on your skin, so plump and moisturized!! looks like i should try too

  4. Glowing skin for CNY is a must! Rest more and drink more water too :)

  5. wow.. ur akin look flawless n moist
    can see d product look good to u..
    mayb i can try soon

  6. wow.. ur akin look flawless n moist
    can see d product look good to u..
    mayb i can try soon

  7. I just used this also.. Nice nice.. Love it!

  8. I just received it yesterday I will try it!

  9. Wow! The result is instant. I wish to have baby skin like you too. gonna try it. ^^

  10. Now I know your secret of beauty. I want to try it too.

  11. didn't know of this brand until I read here. I love mask must use one every week.

  12. Yes I love this masks, all of them. Each of them has different functions and benefits. After the 7 days my skin really look radiant, moist and smooth.

  13. Love the packaging.. it is just so feminine.. I would definitely love to try this out too

  14. Now I know your beauty secrets! It makes your skin glow and the product certainly agree with you.

  15. This mask is good yet so hydrating. I love the mask result on your skin. :)

  16. I love sheet mask. Perfect for the skin to soak up some extra moisture while we also get to grab a nap while masking.

  17. this facial mask very moisture :) am impress with the before and after use :) would like to try it! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  18. I want to try it too...after reading all the reviews, look like it worth to buy...

  19. using mask daily really does make a difference, all the serum and booster absorbed for a plump and moisturised skin

  20. Sheet masks are fantastic to use- especially on days that you would feel dehydrated. Love the pictures dear -seems like a worthwhile buy.

  21. I like to use facial mask as part of my beauty routine, will check out this brand :)


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