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I bets you guys heard about Pretz n' Beanz right? It is a café that famous with their freshly baked pretzels and coffee drinks. They do served a variety of pretzels that are in different flavors. They also served house blend coffees, juices and other refreshing drinks as well as many breakfasts that made your day! :)

Last week, I had pay a visit to Pretz n’ Beanz with my friends during dinner time. The café is located at Mont Kiara area. I like the ambient of the café because it is cozy and bright with some warm lighting. There are nice sofas to make sure the customers can relax and having a comfort dining experience. They also have outdoor seat areas for those who want to have fresh air breathe.

Let us get back to our main interest, which is the delicious food. Pretz n’ Beanz is having an improved new menu and there are a lot of special foods added inside.   

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel- Rm6.25
Started my meal with their Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel. It is one of the best seller in Pretz n’ Beanz. The texture of the pretzel is so soft and the size of it is quite big compare to other pretzel restaurant. The aroma of the cinnamon is so strong that make you can’t resist of it.

Basil Cheese Pretzel- Rm7.30
Basil Cheese Pretzel also is one of the signature pretzel in Pretz n’ Beanz. I think basil and cheese are really a good combination.

Chocolate Peanut Crunch Pretzel- Rm8.35
This pretzel is rich with chocolate and peanut crunch. The sweetness is just nice. You will love it!

BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza is highly recommended. The pizza is freshly baked to ensure the customers can enjoy the perfect taste of their foods. They use their pretzel dough to make the pizza. Their pizza is a little bit from the other pizza restaurant. It is juicier than the others. The pizza is so cheesy and the BBQ sauce is just too nice!

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza- Rm15.80
If you love Hawaiian Pizza, don’t miss out Pretz n’ Beanz Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza. It is also freshly baked. The texture of the pizza is soft and fluffy! Most importantly the topping of the pizza is fresh!

Champignon Baked Egg- Rm17.90
Champignon Baked Egg is one of the must try foods in the café and it is the kids’ favorite. The eggs are baked with mushroom, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It will be melts in your mouth when you taste it. It is served with a plain pretzel which is freshly baked and some veggie sticks. The portion is big and you can share among with your friends and family.

Pretz n’ Stew with Green Curry- Rm17.90
Pretz n’ Stew with Green Curry is totally a perfect match! Don’t you think so? It also served with freshly baked pretzel and veggie sticks. The spiciness of the green curry is just nice. Chicken in the green curry is tender and juicy. The green curry goes well with the pretzel. I love it so much!

Carbonara Chicken Slice Spaghetti- Rm26.40
Pretz n’ Beanz do also served some main western dishes like spaghetti. The chicken slice is cut to perfection and it is so tender. The carbonara sauce is just too creamy that make me want more!

Fish & Chips- Rm21.10
Another main dish from Pretz n’ Beanz, Fish & Chips. This dish is served with fresh dory fish, crispy French fries and fresh salad.

Triple Chocolate Cake- Rm11.55

Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream- Rm15.05
Warm chocolate cake topped with the vanilla ice cream. It is really delicious and you can’t missed it when u pay a visit to Pretz n’ Beanz. It makes my tummy happy! :)

Pretz n’ Beanz is a suitable place for chilling and hanging out with friends and family. You can also have a healthy breakfast here to start up your day! If you love fresh, warm, fluffy pretzel and pizza, Pretz n’ Beanz is the place for you. I had a really wonderful dining experience at Pretz n’ Beanz.


No. 22, Ground Floor,
Jalan Solaris 4,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook: Pretz n' Beanz


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