Unwrapping REALASH Eyelash Enhancer & BROW Conditioner

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Guess what came into my doorstep? It is a lovely gift from Realash. Realash recently launched a whole new REALASH range that caters to different needs of the eyes. If you do follow my blog. You will know that I had blog about Realash before. Read my previous Realash blog post HERE.

Well, Today I am going to share the unwrapping post of the whole new Realsh Eyelash Enhancer and BROW Conditioner to my reader. Excited? Continue to read my post! :P
Realash Cosmetic is an international cosmetic company whose products are available across the world. It is based in France and they did a huge success in Europe. They continuously draw inspiration from nature, discovering wonderful properties of natural plant to produce high quality, safe and effective cosmetics.

Every woman dreamed to have long and thick beautiful eyelashes. Now, with the all new Realash Eyelash Enhancer will makes your dream come true. The improved formula also have stronger growing effect and protects weak and damaged eyelashes. Mint content is added into the serum which makes it easy on the skin around the eye area - which is usually sensitive and more prone to allergic reactions. 

Compare to the previous Realash, the new Realash had a very beautiful and lovely packaging. The products come with the classy white box when you purchase their products. All the details of the products are stated clearly on the box.  Eyelash Enhancer is Realash main product. Besides that, Realash also have Brow Conditioner, Mascara, Eyeliner, Eye Pencil & Eye Serum.

REALASH Eyelash Enhancer (3ml)
REALASH is a serum dedicated to women who dream about long, strong and full eyelashes. It is especially recommended for lashes which are naturally short, weak or damaged by extensions, inappropriate cosmetics or false lashes.

The advanced formula of Realash is based on active nanopetides. The enhacer stimulates lash growth and strengthens lashes at their roots. To ensure complete safety, the formula has been enriched with marigold and saw palmetto extracts. Natural horsetail, flax and calamus extracts care for delicate skin around your eyes. The biggest advantages of Realash are its effectiveness, safety and compared to other eyelash enhancers on the market, its price. The spectacular results are especially visible on short and brittle lashes. Realash is also a perfect solution as a post- chemotherapy treatment.

BROW by Realash- Brow Conditioner (4ml)
Brow conditioners have become a hit in beauty cosmetics. When well defined, full eyebrows are still in, BROW is the solution you need. Its advanced formula stimulates the natural growth of brows and improves their overall look. With BROW your eyebrows will become thick, strong and fuller. The final outcome will be beautifully defined brows. The product has been dermatologically tested.

Revolutionary brow conditioner enhances the look of natural, boldly defined brows by making them fuller, darker and simply gorgeous. Scientifically developed formula has been enriched with active ingredients and plant extracts. Peptides and ginseng extract guarantee full brow regeneration and care for the delicate skin around the eyes. The highest quality ingredients allow you to see the first results after 4 weeks of regular use. Special doe foot applicator makes applying the product easy and mess-free. BROW by Realash brings you fantastic results and safety of use.

Here’s the BEFORE photos before I try out Realash. Both of my eyelashes and eyebrows are without makeup. My eyelashes are originally thick. But for my eyebrows, I wish to have fuller and strong eyebrows.

Well, I will be start using it today once a day after removing my makeup for the night. Let’s see the result in after 1 month period. :)

For more information, please log on to:
Website: www.realash.my
Instagram: @realashcosmetics


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