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Have you been to Bangkok before? If you been Bangkok before, you will definitely tasted or saw their local coconut ice cream before. You can find coconut ice cream in almost all the market in Bangkok especially at Chatuchak Market.

Proudly introduce Sangkaya, a Malaysian founded creamery brand. Coconut ice cream has finally landed on Malaysia. You don’t have to fly all the way to Thailand to eat this ice cream. Sangkaya have their own flavors that is unique in its own right which is the first creamery in the market with coconut milk as the mother base for fresh dairy, cream and egg replacement. Basically their products are freshly made every day with the used of the best ingredients available which are sourced from our home grown produces.

I ordered Sangkaya Signature which are in original flavor. It is 4 scoops of premium coconut ice cream served in the coconut husk with 3 toppings and coconut flesh strips. You can choose your favorite toppings on the topping bar. Toppings include kidney beans, sweet corn, cornflakes, nuts and so on. I personally think that coconut ice cream with sweet corn and cornflakes are always the best. The portion is quite big which I think you can share among with your friends and family.

I ordered another signature of Sangkaya which is the Cha Yen. It is actually Thai milk tea infused coconut ice cream. It is rich in milk tea flavor and it taste a little bit sweeter than the original one. It is also available in sundae cup and waffle cone serving.

Unlike others coconut water, I like Sangkaya coconut water compare to other shops who sell coconut water. Sangkaya coconut water is surprisingly fresh and sweet naturally. It is imported all-natural coconut water that contains no added sugar power packed into a 12 ouncer. 


80, Jalan SS21/39,Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 012-283 0249
Facebook: Sangkaya


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