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I had my long hair with me for quite a long time, and it is always my wish to cut my long hair for hair donation. I had come across an organization named “Locks of Hope”. It is the first in Malaysia for public to donate their hair to be turned into wigs for cancer patients.

Just a few steps, you can donate your hair too. 

1. Donated hair must be a minimum of 6 inches long. It is not necessary that all the hair donated is over 6 inches long, but at least 50% of them is over that length will do.
2.  Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. However, hair that have been bleached is not acceptable.
3. When you fulfilled requirement above, just proceed to any saloon and have your hair cut. Donated hair must be tied and put in a sealed bag. Remember to wash your hair and dry it, do not apply any styling products on the hair.
4.   Filled up the hair donation form and post it to Locks of Hope. The form is available at their website.

These are all the steps to donate your hair, it is very easy right? When I fulfilled the above requirement, I had my hair cut and donate my hair. I felt happy that I can help the others. It is really not easy to make a wig, it takes around 8- 15 ponytails just to make a wig.

Locks of Hope is not only accept hair donation, there is also accepting cash sponsor to make a wig. I really hope that there are more and more people can show their support toward this hair donation campaign.

Locks of Hope Association
50-1, Jalan SL 1/3, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel: +6011- 3333 1662



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