REALASH Eye Enhancer & BROW Conditioner Review

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Hello! In my previous post, I did mention that I had received a lovely gift which are the whole new Realash Eyelash Enhancer and BROW Conditioner from Realash. For who didn’t not read my previous post, you can read it over HERE.

Time flies, it had been a month after applied both the Realash Eye Enhancer and BROW Conditioner. So now, I would like to show how these 2 products work on me.

As you can see in the photos, it is how my lashes and eye brows look like before applying any make-up in a month ago. I had been applied the Eye Enhancer and BROW conditioner once a day at night (best to apply after removed all the makeup). The application of Eye Enhancer is really easy, just a stroke of the brush on the upper eyelid at the roots of the lashes will do. For the BROW, just apply it from the inner to the outer side of brows.

After a month of using Realash Eyelash Enhancer, I noticed that the result is not so obvious as I thought. MY eyelashes do not have any substantially grow. I believed that it might take a longer time to see the best result.

For the results of my brow, it had some minor changes in my brows, it seem like becoming a little bit thicker and darker. However, the best result will only be shown after regular use of over the period of 8 to 12 weeks. So, just be patient for the best result!

If you are interested, you may log on to for all of their product ranges. A packet of 3ml Eye Enhancer is enough for 4 to 5 months treatments and it costs Rm 190. For the BROW Conditioner, a 4ml pack can last for a minimum of 8-12 weeks and it cost Rm 170.

Realash Eye Enhancer and BROW Conditioner are really doing great job on helping the lashes and brows to grow. Why not give a try on their products and let your eyelashes and brows grow stronger?

For more information, please log on to:
Instagram: @realashcosmetics


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  1. Nice review, I'm interested in this conditioner, I will go to this site to see more information, thank you!



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