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Thailand is one of the neighborhood countries of Malaysian, and it is one of the Malaysian’s favorite countries for travel. Thailand’s culture is influenced Malaysian quite a lot. Most significant influence is Thai cuisine.

Thai cuisine is generally accepted by Malaysian, and there are lot of Thai restaurants being set up in these few years. However, not every people can accept the spiciness of the Thai cuisine.

In order to provide Thai cuisine that can fit Malaysian’s flavor, Café 9 is localizing the Thai cuisine. It cut 9 levels of spiciness of original Thai cuisine in their recipe.

Café 9 is a Thai café that located at Petaling Jaya. It is established by 9 family members. 9 in Chinese perspective means ‘Forever’. The owner of Cafe 9 hopes to continuously serve their customer the best forever, as customer satisfaction is always the first priority of this cafe. Moreover, numbers is always easier to remember than other words, the owner of Cafe 9 wants the customer to easily remember them whenever they think of Thai cuisine. 

Café 9 is not only providing Thai foods, they also provide a variety choice of foods such as waffle, fish and chips and so on.  Café 9 always come out with new foods, they will introduced Thai style nasi lemak in the near future.

Guava Asam Boi- Rm10.90
It is a sour yet sweet drink. It is a perfect drink to stimulate your appetite.  

Minted Calamansi Soda- Rm10.90
This drink is such refreshing drinks that can calm your tummy down when having Thai foods.

Prawn Cake- Rm18.90
For the starters, they do offer their in house signature dish – Prawn Cake. The ingredients are relatively fresh. It looks like donut, but actually it is not. It is quite crunchy outside and softness inside. In order to serve the best quality of the foods, the prawn cake will only be prepared after order has been placed.

Tom Yam Soup- Rm25.90 (regular) | Rm 45.90 (large)
For the next dish, it will be the must have in Thai cuisines, which is the Tom Yam soup. Café 9 does offer their Tom Yam soup either in red soup or clear soup. Their soup is really taste nice. It is sour enough but a little bit spicy for me. There is a lot of the seafood inside and they are so fresh. Although it is spicy, but I can’t stop continue having it.

Massaman Curry Chicken- Rm18.90
Besides that, I also have a Massaman Curry Chicken. It is actually a muslim style curry from Southern Thailand. It consists of chickens, potatoes, peanuts and five-spice powder that can be tuned to be an ultimate spicy curry. This dish is slightly spicy but it is less spicy when eat with rice. It is quite stimulate the appetite.

Dancing Fish- Rm 44.90(small) | Rm 49.90 (large)
Other than that, we have a special dish which is the Dancing Fish. According to the chef, some customers requesting to have mango salad and fish. However, they might not order both of them. In order to satisfied the customers, the chef have designed this dish that combining mango salad with fish together. And now you can have it all in only one dish. This is a beautiful dish that perfectly served with mango salad. The sourness and spiciness of the mango salad is enough to get us more and appetite stimulated. The fish is being deep fried and its meat is being cut to bite size. It is quite crispy and the meat is fresh.

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings- Rm 16.90
Next, Café 9 does serve Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings. The chef have stuffed a lot of ingredients inside the chicken wings. It is quite a nice taste and quite special. You will be feeling like you are having a “Popiah Chicken Wing”.

Thai Otak Otak (Hor Mok)- Rm 23.90
The most favorite dish I have in Café 9 is their Thai Otak Otak. I am a fans of otak otak, and the Thai Otak Otak served in Café 9 is just simply awesome. It is a seafood combo served with sweet fresh coconut flesh. All ingredients are put inside a coconut and it makes the dish looks very nice. This dish will make you addicted and you will end up clearing the whole dish.

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawn- Rm 25.90
There are also delicious noodles and rice being served in Café 9. Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawn (Rm 25.90) is fried to perfection and it is not sticky at all. The prawns are big enough and quite fresh.

Broccoli Served in Signature Egg Sauce- Rm 15.90
Too much of spicy food? I have ordered a Broccoli Served in Signature Egg Sauce to neutralize all those heavy flavor Thai foods. It is very light in flavor and the broccoli is totally a perfect match with their signature egg sauce.

Fried Rice- Rm 10


No 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Wed - Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)
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