#MuseBeautyTalk with The Founder Of Bollywood Professional, Rani Birring

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Beautiful Indian girls dancing around is the first thing that pop in my mind when think of Bollywood. How about you?

Thanks to Muse By Watsons for the invitation of #MuseBeautyTalk event with the founder of Bollywood PROFESSIONAL Rani Birring. Thank you for the chance to let me know more about this cosmetic brand and talked to Rani Birring in person.

Have you ever heard about Bollywood PROFESSIONAL before? To be honest, this is my first time discover this brand. Proudly introducing Bollywood PROFESSIONAL to you all, it is a best cosmetic brand used by all the Bollywood celebrities. It is made in New York and it is very popular cosmetic brand among Bollywood and London.

Bollywood PROFESSIONAL has variety of choices from face to lips. One of their star products will be their baked- eye shadow. I have tried their foundation, baked- eye shadow and their lipsticks. They are all so impressive. Besides cosmetic, Bollywood PROFESSIONAL also have skin care range (hydrating & vitamin C) and perfume. Their STAR perfume give me a sweet, jasmine and vanilla scent.

Makeover session and refreshment is provided in the event. The makeup artist did a great job on my makeup which is very light and natural by using all the Bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetic. I personally like their baked- eye shadow because it is so pigmented.

Last but not least, I was given some Bollywood PROFESSIONAL products to try out and review. I will definitely review it very soon. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day. :)

For more information about Bollywood PROFESSIONAL: www.bollywoodpro.com/index.php/ 



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